Who is The Shitty Activist?

The Shitty Activist, was born and raised in New York. When he came of age, he wandered up to New England to lurk around the forest, sporadically attend anti-war, anti-nuclear power, and other leftish rallies.

After several years, he struck out for the Pacific Northwest to begin his failed career as a forest protection advocate. Perhaps unconsciously aware of the shittiness of his activism–in between his frequent arrests–he began writing scores of letters to the editor on environmental and social justice issues.

Following his sixth – and final? – arrest (this one involving injury and imprisonment, courtesy of a police officer, for the crime of passing out brochures on public property), he returned to New England to lend an unskilled hand to help communities fight air-polluting, climate-changing energy facilities.

Meanwhile, he filed a civil rights lawsuit in federal court for his latest arrest and won – a judge and jury ruling that the officer was guilty of wrongful arrest, excessive force, and illegal search and seizure.

In 2014, he retired from activism and, in 2015, started The Shitty Activist.


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