How to Slay a Troll (satire)

– by The Shitty Activist 



If you’re an activist like me, you’re often riding through the social media landscape of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, armor agleam, broadsword in hand, embarking on dangerous quests and saving the townsfolk.

And that means you’ve probably come across your share of the most dreaded denizens of these wastelands: trolls. But what are trolls, exactly?

In storybooks, trolls are filthy, misshapen monsters who sulk under bridges and make a meal of passing goats. In the Internet’s enchanted forest, instead of making mayhem from under bridges, trolls wreak havoc from the comments section under articles, videos, and other posts.

Trolls express opinions that conflict with the person who posted the original article, viewpoint or video, and often others frequenting a particular website, page or group. When people react to a troll’s figurative shit-slinging, that’s where it gets its jollies. In fact, it’s the whole point of a troll’s miserable existence.

Let’s look at a few real life examples of classic troll behavior.

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