Activist Oppression (satire)

– by The Shitty Activist



Oppression in activist movements is real. According to the Anti-Oppression Network, the definition of oppression is “the use of power to dis-empower, marginalize, silence or otherwise subordinate one social group or category, often in order to further empower and/or privilege the oppressor.”

You might tell yourself that, since you’re an activist, there’s no way you can be oppressing anyone. But, if you’re a part of an activist group that doesn’t have an anti-oppression policy, you might be part of the problem.

I’m proud to belong to a forest defense group that requires all of its members to sign an anti-oppression policy before joining. Of course, just because someone signs a document doesn’t mean their heart is really in it, as I’ll explain shortly. But first, I want to talk about the positive things our anti-oppression policy has accomplished.

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How To Tear Down the Corporations

– by The Shitty Activist

united-corporations-of-america-mapIf we activists could unite on one thing, it’d be our hatred of corporations.

Take a drive down the local strip, and you’ll roam through a wasteland of McDonalds, 7-11’s, and Wal-Marts. Nearly every business is now a national—or global—chain, and to find a truly independent, locally-owned store you’ve got to do some hunting.

So how do we eliminate these multinational conglomerates that are destroying our environment, mistreating and underpaying their workers, and pumping out a bunch of cheap, toxic crap, and replace them with small, local, sustainable alternatives?

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GUEST POST: The Origin of Food Not Bombs?

[Below is a guest post written by Emory Rodgers, who contacted The Shitty Activist after seeing our meme below poking some fun at Food Not Bombs. -TSA]

– by Emory Rodgers

Might_Be_Activist_13I showed up in San Francisco in 1987, just off Dead tour and back from a Rainbow Gathering. A friend of mine pointed out how many tour heads and homeless were on Haight Street and asked me if I’d be willing to panhandle enough money to feed everyone in the park, in order to get everyone off the street for a few hours and give everyone that lived in the Haight district a break from all the panhandlers.

At the time I had taken a vow of dematerialization and the idea of panhandling wasn’t really my thing. But I saw the problem and reluctantly agreed. The first feed we had maybe 12-15 people at the barbecue pits by the Carousel Ballroom. We made a simple meal, chicken with plenty of vegetarian sides. People brought their guitars and some brought some weed and drinks and we had a mini rainbow gathering right there in Golden Gate Park!

Within a few days, the crowd grew to 30-40 people, so we approached the Haight-Ashbury Switchboard, which was still located on Haight Street, to see if they could give us a hand at it, because it was growing larger then we could panhandle for–after all there were only three of us. The switchboard director didn’t really know us and wasn’t sure he could trust us, but he threw caution to the wind and gave up switchboard canvassing cans and helped us change the label to identify what we were collecting for.

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cropped-the_shitty_activist_logo1.jpgIn the uninspired and clichéd tradition of “Ask Me” columns in our nation’s newspapers, The Shitty Activist is launching a new segment called: “Ask A (Shitty) Activist!”

Here’s your big chance to ask the activism-related question that’s been driving you crazy all these years, and get the answer you may or may not want to hear.

Examples include: How do I organize a protest? Should I bother signing online petitions? How do I color-coordinate a balaclava with the rest of my outfit?

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