Activists vs. Free Speech?

The Shitty Activist supports nearly all social justice causes, however the pro-censorship bent of some “social justice warriors” is only hurting those causes and undermining the 1st amendment, the foundation of all activism.



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      I think people have a right to say they’re “triggered” by something, sure. And then people can go ahead and decide if they want to impact this person or not. But the problem is when the censorship becomes mandatory and anyone who doesn’t abide by it automatically is labeled as “anti” or “hating” that group.

      I posted something the other day that mentioned vomit as (what I thought to be) a humorous analogy. I got a response saying this person is an emetophobe (afraid of vomit) and that I “triggered” this person.

      I apologized for “triggering” her, but I think the idea of me never mentioning vomit again because of people like her seems absurd.

      Personally, I’m “triggered” by many things I deem personally offensive or false, etc, but I would never dream of insisting that no one say these things.

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