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    Holy shit, this is hysterical. But why the hell settle for Evans? It’s the drain hole cover for Denver, catching all the lazy locals who can’t imagine driving more than an hour and a half to see a goat.

    You want peace? Head a little deeper into the interior like Lost Creek Wilderness on a weekday, not during hunting season. Or Boreas Pass and all its side roads. Or Fletcher Mountain. Two hours is the holy driving number, it culls the idiot herd.

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      Glad you liked it.

      Evans was a bit crowded for my taste, though if you go about five miles in it quiets down.

      I agree about the Lost Creek Wilderness and around Boreas Pass area, both places I visited earlier in the summer.

      Haven’t been to Fletcher Mountain, though, so thanks for the suggestion.

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        Regarding Fletcher, there’s a good dirt road (if it’s still open to the public) leading up to a trailhead and then an easy hike to an alpine bowl. Most people stop there. But if you hang left (north) at the cabin and scramble up the gentle northwest flank of Atlanta Peak, you’ll get a nice view of Pacific Peak on the other side and a sweet bushwhack down into the Pacific Creek drainage basin where it’ll hopefully just be you and the marmots. Took some naps in the sun there.

        And I hear Lost Creek Wilderness is getting popular so find the first three hikes that show up on Google and don’t do those. Instead, pick out a rock outcropping you like in the distance and just bushwhack to it. There are cougars, so watch your ass at dusk. I saw the Perseids out there; it was jaw-dropping.

        Meanwhile, you might relate to this:

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