Submit Your Activist Questions to “Ask A (Shitty) Activist!”

cropped-the_shitty_activist_logo1.jpgIn the uninspired and clichéd tradition of “Ask Me” columns in our nation’s newspapers, The Shitty Activist is launching a new segment called: “Ask A (Shitty) Activist!”

Here’s your big chance to ask the activism-related question that’s been driving you crazy all these years, and get the answer you may or may not want to hear.

Examples include: How do I organize a protest? Should I bother signing online petitions? How do I color-coordinate a balaclava with the rest of my outfit?

Submit your questions via Facebook ( or Twitter (@ShittyActivist) and brace yourself for the response, informed by The Shitty Activist’s twelve years of failed activism!

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