Why The Shitty Activist?

cropped-the_shitty_activist_logo1.jpgJosh Schlossberg, aka The Shitty Activist, screwed around for a total of twelve years as an ineffective grassroots organizer, having his ass handed to him in botched campaigns to fight dirty energy facilities (they built them), protect forests (they cut them), advocate for cyclists (they ran them over), demand police accountability (they busted them), and protest wars (they bombed them).

Finally coming to terms with his many magnificent failures, The Shitty Activist retired from his unsuccessful movement-building to reflect on what made his activism suck so much.

The Shitty Activist invites you to join him on his brutally honest – and often comical – journey of strategic analysis, creative expression, and self-reflection, all in hopes of someday figuring out how to make positive change in the world.

Check back to TheShittyActivist.com for regular posts, like on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

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